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Farm to Cup


We are 'Farm to Cup' in it's truest sense. We grow our coffee in our own Farm, process it and sell it to end customer. Growing coffee is a skill and roasting coffee is an art. We combine skill and art and provide beautiful blends of coffee to our valued customers.

Why We Are Unique?

We know that different consumers have different ways of coffee intake. Keeping note of the same, Fraction 9 Coffee gives customizing options to the buyers. The customers are free to choose the original flavor notes (not artificial), roast profile, and grind size of coffee granules while placing their orders.

The coffee undergoes a smooth method of growing, processing & fermenting, roasting, and packaging before dispatching ordered products to the customers.

The coffee is grown in the farm followed by the process of pulping coffee fruits.  It is further fermented for 24 to 48 hours. The fermented coffee is dried at a particular temperature. The process provides an opportunity to give micro-lots for preparing specialty coffee. The entire process is done in the coffee estate campus which cuts down the transport expenses and charges taken by the middleman. Hence the coffee remains affordable and easily accessible to the consumers. The coffee provided by Fraction 9 Coffee promises top-quality coffee. It closes down the margin of around 20 to 25 percent for 100 percent specialty graded coffee.

Generally, the coffee buyers in India are familiar with a single variety of coffee. The coffee available in the mass market does not follow the long steps of preparing customized coffee. It is harvested, dried, and provided to the mass market. There are very few who are aware of the different flavors and roast profiles of coffee. Fraction 9 Coffee focuses on making the consumers experience multiple varieties of coffee. This includes honey sun-dried coffee, naturals and fruit fermented micro lots.

Dried Coffee is hulled and graded.

Following the process, the coffee beans are stored in hermetically sealed bags so that the moisture in the air does not affect the coffee beans.

When it comes to the roasting of coffee beans, the market is flooded with dark roasted coffee. When the coffee is dark roasted, it hides all the inappropriate quality/defects in the coffee. This form of coffee masks the original flavors in the coffee. But the Fraction 9 Coffee has multiple roast profiles (light and medium roast profiles) done with the help of specialized roasters.

The firm facilitates the light roasted, medium roasted, dark roasted, and very dark roasted coffee profiles. Each roast profile has its distinct specialty and flavor notes. The light and medium roasted coffee have fruity notes while the dark and very dark roasted coffee have cocoa / bittersweet notes.

The Fraction 9 coffee is known for dispatching pure forms of coffee to the customers. Usually, the coffee purchased from the market stays on the store shelves for months. As per the nature of coffee, the flavor and aroma change/degrade in a span of 30-35 days. Looking at the said reality, Fraction 9 Coffee freshly roasts and dispatch coffee products to the customers within 2-3 days after placing the order.

There is no specialty connected with a mixed form of coffee available in the market. It comes from different traders where all coffee is mixed.  But the customers at fraction 9 Coffee get to know the origin of its coffee and the features associated with it. The uniformity of coffee products is maintained at the coffee estate.

Therefore, Fraction 9 Coffee is one of the leading coffee estates, providing freshly roasted customized coffee. Our Coffee prices are marked 20% lower than other specialty coffee roasters in India as we grow our own coffee.  One can easily order the premium coffee online through the official website (

Based on 2733 reviews
Good coffee

A perfectly blended coffee, rich in taste and aroma.

Frozen Cherry Nanolot

Excellent aroma and flavour

Good coffee

Perfect blend giving rich aroma and nice taste. Liked it very much.

Loved the taste

Espresso machine used, excellent brew

Nice fruity coffee

Fruity coffee Pomegranate with hints of jackfruit and pineapple too

The best coffee ever !

I’ve been ordering the Vienna roast since last few years . It’s been consistent in quality and freshness and always delivered on time . We love it and look forward to our mornings ! Recently also ordered the French vanilla . Typically , I don’t like flavors like vanilla or hazelnut but my husband enjoys them

Vanilla Coffee

A decadent morning treat

The aroma which fills my kitchen while brewing and the slight tart after-taste are really delightful. Love it with some warm croissant.

Consistent quality

My biggest confidence has been that I am sure what I will get as the quality is very consistent. Great product

Strong and Robust

We love the Christmas Roast. It is good, strong coffee with great aroma. Also the acidity is very low.

We order the whole beans and grind fresh for each serving.

We have been ordering this for over a year now and the quality is consistent

Love the Christmas roast

It's exactly what I had been looking for long. The caramel sweet flavour is super pleasurable. And the grind was perfect for my french press! Thank you for the great product.

Good product

Very good aroma of the Hazelnut coffee

Authentic coffee with so many options

Authentic coffee with so many options in flavor and grind size. Every coffee is true to its description.


Love it

The Vienna Roast is the best Arabica roast I have tasted in the past few years, having experimented with many roasters online and otherwise....

Breakfast roast

It has a very hazelnutty profile and us absolutely delicious

Vienna Roast Coffee

Best coffee I enjoy very much

Excellent coffee

What can I say… once you’ve had freshly roasted coffee from here you’ll never go back to having regular coffee elsewhere.

French Roast Coffee

Love this!

Sweet Roast Coffee

Hazelnut Coffee - Mocha

Very good taste and flavour.


Price should be considerable

Great flavour and value for money

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