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The HAZELNUT COFFEE powder has very Strong hazelnut smell.
the Ideal combination would be 80% of regular Breakfast roast and 20% Hazelnut coffee.

Wow !!

..loved it..hv it black, though to truly appreciate the taste.

About Robusta coffee

Everything is good ,,,please don't add chicory in Robusta coffee, I'm a gym person I need high caffine kick so it will be better if it's 100% Robusta ,,chicory not good

For 100% Robusta coffee without chicory please look into PRABAL or MADHURA variants. These variants are 100% Robusta without chicory

Cappuccino Blend

Great aroma

Coffee beans are fresh and the aroma is fantastic. Taste is very consistent

Happy Customer

Enjoying your coffee.


F-9 coffee - something my Morning starts with

Fab Coffee

If you like Coffee black.. this is it.
Fab coffee to pep you up.

Nice coffee

Good and flavourful. Liked it

Fantastic Sweet coffee with good body

This is one of the best coffees I have ever had. The taste notes I got were sweet, skittles like sweet sourness, mulberry and khas notes


Good coffee
Meets the expectation

Excellent coffee ...

Delicious coffee ... well ground to my Moka Pot requirement ... delivered efficiently, well-packaged, and promptly.


Enjoyed the coffee. Good product 👍

Quality and flavour excellent.

Excellent taste and we relished the flavour with first sip itself

Great Experience in Purchasing, Delivery and the Product.

I was sent a message specifically to confirm what kind of equipment I had to brew my coffee. Such personal care, and the addition of hazelnut coffee as a free gift was an experience not found in any other online purchases.
And yes, finally the product itself is really really very good.


Enjoying the aroma &taste.


Hi there! Absolutely loved the Wild HSD Coffee from Fraction 9 Coffee Roasters. Excellent flavor profile with the unique pepper creeper influence. Will definitely order again!

Awesome Taste

Always liked the different coffee WILD HSD is subtle and refreshing, always wanting more

Amazing fragrance, but fruity taste

The Intenso Yeast Fermented coffee was the first time i tried experimenting with the microlots. My go-to has always been the Vienna roas; and so, my observations are coloured by that:
1. Amazing fragrance - never had coffee smell so nice before
2. The usual F9 freshness - roasted and delivered in 2 days

1. Using the recommended proportions, I could get a very fruity coffee
2. This is not a strong coffee (i expected it to be intense!)
3. I need at least an additional cup to get my usual caffeine fix
I think this would suit people who love their medium roasts; I will go back to my tried and tested Vienna roast again.
Thanks, F9!!

Filter coffee

Good and satisfying

Good coffee.

I love it. Thank you

Great Quality - Black Pepper

Thank you for sending quality Black Pepper which are as fresh and aromatic as your freshly roasted coffee. These are fresh peppers of good size with amazing taste, flavor and aroma. Thank you for sharing your quality products with the world.

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