Our Story & Our Farm


Fraction 9 Coffee is a firm owned by a family of farmers based at Chikmagalur, amidst mountains in the Western Ghats, Karnataka. The family has been harvesting coffee for over a century under the name Kalyan Cool Estate.

Initially, the harvested coffee was sold to the traders. The traders sold the products to the companies for further processing. Since the coffee is home-grown; the owner-family decided to move a step ahead to prepare specialty coffee. The procedure of preparing specialty coffee involves scientific harvesting, processing & fermentation, and roasting with specific roast profiles, the mentioned steps take place in the estate campus. The motive is to provide pure, fresh, and customized coffee to the customers directly at an affordable price.

The idea behind the move is to familiarize the concept of freshly roasted coffee to Indian consumers. The family owns a guest house as well, where guests often talked about the difficulty they face in finding specialty coffee.

This motivated the family to prepare premium coffee for the consumers. We initiated a change to provide coffee lovers with freshly customized coffee as per their requirements. We invested in scientific processing and German roaster. We started mailing friends and guests with their custom bag of freshly roasted coffee (custom made - based on their taste preference with specific roast profile ) for which we received tremendous positive feedback.

Looking at the response of the buyers, we started taking up orders through our official website named Fraction 9 Coffee (www.fraction9coffee.com). The customers can visit the website to order coffee that could be customized as per the preference of the buyer. The premium coffee is delivered pan India. The company has now expanded its services abroad as well.

We care so we dare!

With a century of coffee farming done by the ancestors, we emerged with the vision of providing people with high-class roasted premium coffee which are easily accessible to all.

Fraction 9 Coffee sell coffee directly from the farm to the customers which restrict middleman and transportation charges as well. This helps in providing specialty coffee at an affordable price.

From a mass-market selling dark roasted coffee, they bring a new stack of freshly roasted coffee which is prepared with utter care and tenderness to give customers the same flavor as they wish.

The focus is on providing coffee just the way our consumers want - healthy and energized.

Fraction 9 Coffee is 'Farm to Cup' in its truest sense. We grow the coffee on our farm, process it, and sell it to the end customer. This helps the buyers to know what they are consuming.

The dearth of custom made artisan coffee:

You read that right. Coffee taste varies based on various factors such as wet or dry-processed beans, roast level (light, medium, or dark), altitude, variant of the coffee plant, etc.

Certain consumers prefer certain variants based on their taste preferences. The mission of Fraction 9 Coffee is to provide coffee to consumers based on their taste preferences. Hence as the firm grows we envision to offer more custom variants based on the customer needs.


Our Farm

Located amidst mountains in western ghats, Kalyancool Farm is where we grow coffee scientifically to meet modern standards. Come visit us sometime, we offer stay amidst nature in our Plantation where u can relax from busy city life and learn more about coffee inhand. For bookings visit our hospitality website.

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