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Premium Filter Coffee - Vienna Roast (250 gm) - By Fraction 9 Coffee Roasters

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Grind Size

Coffee Notes (Not flavours): Bitter Sweet, Oaky, Spice. 250 gram packet

  • Roasted upto 230°C.
  • Roast Level: Dark Roast.
  • Roast level matches good old time tested south Indian Roast level and taste.
  • Ideal Choice for strong coffee lovers.
  • Premium Filter Coffee Powder - Freshly Roasted.


Product is 100% Arabica Coffee direct from our farm (We hate chicory. We sell pure 100% COFFEE. Our mission is to introduce consumers to pure Coffee.)

Vienna Rast Coffee variant is loved by people who want single tone uniformity. Made with handpicked Arabica AA Coffee beans from our Farm Kalyancool Estate. Roast level of this Coffee reduces acidity and gives good body (strength). If you are addicted to good old Indian style and taste of Coffee and this is right variant to pick.

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