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Farmer's Filter Coffee

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We always wanted to have a blend developed in-house with balanced/unique flavor notes. After continuous experiments and cupping for two years we believe this variant is ready for launch. 

'Rich taste' would generally result in milder cup of coffee compromising strength. If Strength is given preference flavor notes are compromised and bitter notes would be predominant flavor. We wanted to create a blend to our customers which is rich in taste but strength intact ( also bitter notes suppressed ). After continuous experiments we realized just blending process in any ratio would not give desired output. We developed in-house processing technique and subjected coffee to special fermentation technique to have sweeter notes. But we also needed slight bitter notes for strength. Hence Robusta beans were chosen over Arabica. AA graded large beans used consistency. Medium Plus roast profile was selected. ground coffee blended with chicory. Its our favorite Filter Coffee.

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